Sleep and Stress

Acupuncture treatment has a relaxing and recalibrating effect on your nervous system, which can become strained with lack of sleep and long term build up of stress. As the stress response begins to subside, the body and mind can return to a state of homeostasis and it is easier to be in harmony with the circadian rhythm.

There are widespread health benefits when your physiological processes are in a healthy circadian rhythm:
increased energy and vitality during the day, deeper more restorative sleep, improved digestion, better mood, increased libido, better response time to workouts and injury recovery, more radiant appearance.

When you are more relaxed, you feel better, and are able to respond better to the challenges of life!

This series of Acupuncture, Sound healing, Taoist relaxation techniques and herbal prescription will unwind the stress and trauma coiled in your nervous system and allow you to rediscover a healthy balance of rest and vitality in your daily life.

*This information has not been approved by the FDA.

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