Rose Goodman, is a California licensed Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Physician, with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She has an intuitive approach to transforming health and wellbeing that integrates Acupuncture, Energy Medicine. Her dynamic treatment style effectively releases energetic blocks, including unresolved stress & trauma, to restore balance and integration of the entire body-mind system, and stimulate cellular renewal.

Her areas of speciality are Stress & Sleep Reset; Safe Detoxification from Heavy Metals and Environmental Factors; Women's Health; Conception Optimization; and Advanced Lymphatic Activation.   

Focus Areas:       Environmental Detox    |    Sleep and Stress    |    Women's Balance   |    Conception Optimization.


Rose offers treatment programs from her private clinic in Santa Monica, California. As well as hosting treatment intensives in Costa Rica, New York & London. She has been practicing internationally for over a decade. She is passionate about holistic living, self-development, finding balance and living a well nourished life within the complexity of the modern world. 

Rose Goodman, L.Ac


Masters Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - MAOM   (Graduating Cum Laude), Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, CA

Acupuncture Internship, Department of Oncology,  Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, Burbank, CA

Acupuncture Apprenticeship, Specializing in Advanced Regeneration Therapy, Dr. John Kim, ReNuMi©, Alchemy Arts Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Diploma in Acupuncture, Dip Ac.New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bachelors Degree in Classical Studies & Ancient Greek LanguageBristol University, United Kingdom

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Invest in your vitality today and begin your journey to finding your most vibrant state of empowered health.


2510 Main St Suite 209
Santa Monica, CA 90405


By Appointment Only.

tel: (323) 905-3111

What our clients have been saying…

“My regular treatment sessions at Apothecai have helped me feel great in my body. I’ve become more grounded, my digestion is better, I have less anxiety, I sleep deeper and I’ve loved the added weight loss benefits. Rose is so kind, warm and very caring. I am obsessed with the skin care products that helped clear and brighten my face immediately. Thank you Rose, you are an intuitive & gifted healer.”

Gina La Piana
Screen-writer / Producer / Actress

"I did the 28-day Spring Cleanse. Up to that point I had little to no experience with cleanses. In fact, the last time I tried one I got very sick and called it quits after just over a week. Doing the program with Rose’s guidance, however, was a vastly different experience. From the outset, the detailed program guide left me feeling confident I had a complete picture of what to expect. There were some challenging moments, but this time I felt I had the support and guidance to overcome them. Once it was over I felt healthier, more energized, and more focused. I also felt a deep sense of accomplishment for remaining committed to a process that demanded a good deal of self discipline. Looking forward to the next one!”   

Greg Chambers

“I visited Rose for acupuncture and cupping, initially to treat an injury in my shoulder and various ailments I was experiencing due to the high intensity, high-stress entrepreneurial lifestyle I lead. Rose is a very calming presence, and her sensibility and nature lends itself well to creating a very soothing influence over my entire being.  What I appreciate about her approach, is discovering how regular treatment not only positively affects the acute areas of concern, alleviating pain in multiple areas, but also creates a sense of harmony in other areas of my life. It's truly all-encompassing...and you wouldn’t know it right off the bat.”

Josh Zabar
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